Friday Four

So I was thinking about starting a weekly (or maybe monthly…lol…who are we kidding) round-up post of sorts where I would share some snippets of my life through photos on my camera roll. I absolutely LOVE Franziska’s (pronounced fran-ches-ca) “Top Three” posts which I’ve probably shared on here at some point over the last 5+ [ Continue Reading … ]

if you follow me on instagram, then you may have already seen this mani. well, actually i added the hologram jewel accents later. speaking of holograms…i sure wish money grew on trees because i would SO own this and these. but for now i’ll settle for this. it is on my xmas wishlist after all. [ Continue Reading … ]

i am wearing: essie’s “carry on” and revlon’s “copper penny” for the nail design. i’ve been slacking on the mani’s lately. life has gotten busy. the month of december is always full of hustle and bustle and things to do. and then to add more to my plate, i became the organizer of a “moms [ Continue Reading … ]

apparently formspring hasn’t been working properly because i just got an email yesterday that said i had six questions waiting for me! so so so sorry if i haven’t answered your question yet, but i’m working on it! jess from the balanced libra asks: “what are your top five MUST-HAVE polishes”? 1. opi-“dulce de leche”: [ Continue Reading … ]