I’ve been fighting a cold for over a week now and I swear every year I forget how awful it is to be sick! But I’m finally feeling human again today, thank goodness! We’ve got lots of Halloween festivities lined up so I am actually glad I got the sickness out of the way so [ Continue Reading … ]

Is there anything better than an outfit that can take you from school drop off, to errands/meetings and more but is comfortable enough to take a nap in? Let me introduce you to FashionABLE. Well, technically they are now just called ABLE. And let me tell you why. ABLE is a lifestyle brand focused on [ Continue Reading … ]


Hello FALL

Ahhh, it’s that lovely time of year again (in CA) when you put on a sweater in the morning and then you’re sweating by noon. We California girls know this feeling all too well! Everyone else seems to be enjoying layering and Fall fashion and we are over here like…YAY, swimsuit season just arrived! LOL.  [ Continue Reading … ]

Last week I decided to take a “me” day and do a little shopping and treat myself to a pedicure. The universe must’ve known my son was going to come down with the worst stomach bug ever and made sure I would be relaxed/prepared. Because let me tell y’all that it was the worst 12 [ Continue Reading … ]

I had a reader ask me today what my favorite brand of jeans were and without hesitation I can say it is my 9″ Madewell High Rise Skinnies. They come in several styles/washes but these distressed jeans are my fave. I am usually always a size 27 in every other brand but in Madewell jeans [ Continue Reading … ]