It’s that time of year again…SHOPBOP is having their annual tiered sale where you can save up to 30% off your purchase with code MORE17. It is the perfect time to stock up on holiday gifts and SAVE! I’m sharing my favorite items below plus this year I threw in a little gift guide with [ Continue Reading … ]

Any guesses on what the post title is from? I barely remember the movie to be honest so why I remember that line, I have no idea. But this blouse is called the “Fetching Blouse” from cabi’s most recent collection so it seemed fitting! It didn’t photograph true to color…in real life it is the [ Continue Reading … ]

Anyone else think we completely skipped over Fall and are already in Winter!?! Seriously…when is the first day of Winter? Because I’m calling it today…lol. I even played Christmas music this afternoon while taking my pics. This past weekend I snapped family photos for a friend of mine and some of the cutest pics were [ Continue Reading … ]



Am I the only person who never read the Velveteen Rabbit as a kid? When I was giving this post a title, Velveteen Rabbit came to mind so I looked it up on Wikipedia. And I almost cried just thinking of the poor old toy wanting to become real through the love of the little [ Continue Reading … ]


Tres Chic

SoCal finally got the message that it’s Fall so I’m pulling out all of my sweaters, including this striped sweater from cabi’s newest collection “Penny Lane Lovely“. And you can never go wrong with subtle print mixing. Stripes and leopard are one of my fave combos. How about you? Are you a print mixer? If [ Continue Reading … ]