I snapped these pics a few weeks ago and then totally forgot to share them here on the blog! Oops. Thankfully our weather has warmed up a bit since then so I think we are done with sweater weather for the most part. I hope, anyways! I think I’m also done with smaller brimmed fedora’s…this [ Continue Reading … ]

I noticed over on my Instagram & Facebook pages that my friends/followers seem to really like my “Dressing Room Diaries” posts. If I’m ever unsure on an outfit, I like to snap a pic in the dressing room and get my friends and/or hubby’s opinion. Or if I can’t stop obsessing about it myself, then [ Continue Reading … ]

I’ve worn my hair parted down the middle my entire life. I usually throw some beachy waves in my hair but that is the extent of my hair styling. I mean, if I even move my part off to the side the slightest bit, I swear I can FEEL the hairs out of place. A [ Continue Reading … ]

Apparently we’ve got another big storm coming our way and are expecting a lot of wind/rain. Thankfully we just got back from a quick trip to the desert so I got a little taste of sunshine and warm weather to tide me over! It was just what the doctor ordered. P.S. This dress is one [ Continue Reading … ]

We live in a very rural part of town and as most of you know, I take all of my own photos at home. And thank goodness because I gotta tell ya…taking photos of myself out in public is just mortifying to me. I try to tell myself…”Oh, you will never see those people again”…but [ Continue Reading … ]