If there’s one thing any woman wouldn’t mind finding under her tree for Christmas, it’s jewelry! You can never go wrong with fine jewelry and LAGOS has something for all the ladies on your list. It never goes out of style and is a sentimental gift that she will treasure always! I especially love pieces [ Continue Reading … ]

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you may already know that I am forever on the hunt for the so-called “fountain of youth”. Now that I am in my 40’s, I seem to be perpetually tired and my eyes are a dead giveaway. So when I got the opportunity  to try [ Continue Reading … ]

Thank you Curves® International for sponsoring this post. Ready to get #CurvesStrong? I was recently invited by a bloggy friend of mine to attend a workout at Curves® called “No Makeup, No Mirrors and No Men”! Just a bunch of girlfriends cheering each other on while getting a total body workout in only 30 minutes? [ Continue Reading … ]

If there’s one thing I love, it’s wearing a swimsuit on the blog for the whole internet to see. NOT! But when you find a swimsuit brand that fits your mom lifestyle…you can’t help but share with others! Today I’d like to introduce you to Beach House swimwear. All of their swimwear is sold as [ Continue Reading … ]

My husband and I had our previous mattress for close to ten years and it was starting to show its age. You could see both of our body impressions permanently indented and we could literally roll into our spots because it had gotten so bad. But with our current home remodel going on, we put [ Continue Reading … ]