one day

yesterday i participated in the hollywood housewife’s “one day” project where i documented my whole day (well, sorta): this day in particular happened to be a little different than a typical day because my husband and i were leaving to go out of town. i didn’t have time to snap as many pics as i [ Continue Reading … ]

today is my little baby eep’s 2nd birthday!!!! i can NOT believe how fast the years are going by. =( maa’maa (that’s how we always spell it for some reason…lol) loves you baby! happy birthday! xoxo

i had big plans this weekend to try out all of my december birchbox and holiday voxbox products. instead my angel baby eep (my son’s nickname) got his first cold ever. oh and he has croup. i am writing this post on about a half hour of sleep and am so tired i could cry. [ Continue Reading … ]


mommy & me

me and eep at the beach i don’t usually share pics of my son on my blog (scared of those weirdo’s out there…none of you, of course!) but i just love these pics of us. as i mentioned a few days ago, we took him to the beach last weekend for the first time. it [ Continue Reading … ]

this was me about 30 minutes before i went in for my c-section on the day eep was born. he was breech at every single ultrasound which freaked me out because i swear he didn’t have enough room to move. he was only on the other side of my belly once during an ultrasound but [ Continue Reading … ]