My son had the whole week off from school last week for “family week” so it was tough getting back into the routine this morning. BTW, I sure don’t remember getting a “family week” (some call it ski week) when I was growing up?!? Is this new? I’m not complaining AT ALL because I 100% [ Continue Reading … ]

I think I will always be a “dress” girl. I feel most comfortable in a dress…whether it’s going out for a night on the town with my hubby or to brunch with the girls. Who am I kidding…we only get together for birthdays these days…but if I DID go to brunch more often…it would be [ Continue Reading … ]

You can never go wrong with a great pair of jeans and a classic blazer. I’ve worn a similar look several times on the blog but this blazer has a trick up its sleeve (pardon the pun). The striped cuffs are removable! So you can go from girl on the go to office ready in [ Continue Reading … ]

Last week I decided to take a “me” day and do a little shopping and treat myself to a pedicure. The universe must’ve known my son was going to come down with the worst stomach bug ever and made sure I would be relaxed/prepared. Because let me tell y’all that it was the worst 12 [ Continue Reading … ]

I had a reader ask me today what my favorite brand of jeans were and without hesitation I can say it is my 9″ Madewell High Rise Skinnies. They come in several styles/washes but these distressed jeans are my fave. I am usually always a size 27 in every other brand but in Madewell jeans [ Continue Reading … ]