Ch Ch Changes

For Christmas I got a new laptop. Hooray, right?!?!  Except for every time I do, the display colors are so different that I go bonkers when I look at my pictures. My last computer had a yellow tint that made me insane. And now I see a rose/pink tint. I also shot these pics with a new lens so maybe that has something to do with it. But when I look at these pics on my iphone or old laptop, the images aren’t pink! Ugh!  I’ve tried all of the different display color options and am not loving any of them. I’m also getting used to the new “photos” app instead of “iphoto app” and there has been a learning curve there as well. My images are sharp whilst (I never say that word but it sounded right in my head…lol) editing but when I upload to WordPress, they are blurry. Anyone else experience this? Do my images look the same to you or have I completely lost my mind? Wait…don’t answer that. Happy new year, friends!

UPDATE: THANK YOU to Amy & Jordan for helping me fix the blurry issue which was due to the new retina display! I too, was ready to bring my new laptop back to Apple! So grateful!

Outfit Details: J.O.A. Dress, Dolce Vita OTK Boots (available in taupe here) & Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Bag


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