This was my second year going to KAABOO Del Mar and I don’t know how it’s possible, but I had an even better time this year! After last year, I was certain I would only be able to do one day this time around but the lineup was SO GOOD that I absolutely could not miss a single day! On day one I went with my husband and we had such a fabulous time. My hubby isn’t as much into concerts as I am but we made a pact that no matter what…we would make sure to catch Michael McDonald. Oh, and Red Hot Chili Peppers were INSANE. They sound exactly the same live as they do on the radio. I didn’t get as many pictures of the actual artists this year but that was because I was too busy SINGING ALONG and screaming my head off and taking videos instead of pics! But KAABOO is so much more than just a music festival anyway! Don’t get me wrong, the artists have been AMAZING…but you can also enjoy spectacular art displays, great food, hilarious comedy shows and even go to a pool party while listening to your favorite bands! Apparently there is also an after party called Club Elevate that runs from 9pm-1am, but I haven’t made it past 10pm yet. My husband and I are Corona fans so we basically set up camp at their tent and had a perfect view of the main stage. I’m pretty sure my husband said to me on more than one occasion…”I like the way you do festivals”. KAABOO really got everything right this year…the layout/schedule made it much easier to get from point A to point B, there were more restrooms (or at least it seemed like it) and the lines for food/drinks were never too long. I even made it to a silent disco this year. Like I said…there is so much to do and see! I highly recommend you go next year if you can…I promise you will have a great time!


On day two I brought my girlfriend Caroline whom I’ve been best friends with for over 25 years! We went together last year so it just wouldn’t have been the same without her this year. I can ALWAYS count on her to get us as close as possible to the stage and we were literally just a few rows back for Jane’s Addiction. Talk about another CRAZY GOOD live performance. I have to admit I was a little star struck seeing Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro so up close! I swear they (and the crazy girl hanging by her SKIN…yes, skin) were looking right at my camera for these photos! BTW, I could have done without the girls twirling from their back piercings. There was a collective gasp in the audience when we found out that they were hanging from their skin. BUT…JANE’S ADDICTION was awesome. And we sang along to every single word during PINK. I’m pretty certain during the PINK concert is when I lost my voice. =)


On day three I took my friend Utkarsh. I felt a little bad because he really wanted to catch Timeflies but they went on stage at 11:55am and I knew I had to stick around for Tom Petty which wasn’t until 8pm. But I rallied and got it together so we arrived by 1pm. Which gave us plenty of time to catch T-Pain (boy, did I feel old!), Alanis Morissette AND Tom Petty. Utkarsh was a trooper and let me reminisce about the 90’s and how insane it was that I had seen Alanis over 20 years ago at this same venue (albeit the Del Mar Fair…not KAABOO). Her voice gave me the chills and I literally had tears in my eyes on more than one occasion. After that, it just so happened that Tom Petty was playing on the exact same stage as Alanis so rather than lose our great spot, we parked our butts firmly on the ground until the show started. And thank goodness we did because when we left, I swear the entire venue had stopped to listen to the show. We also found time earlier in the day to tour the art exhibits and snap some fun pics. We also pinky swore that next year we would be snapping pics from the hot air balloon. I am deathly afraid of heights but this one is tethered to the ground so it only goes up about ten feet in the air. I’m certain it would be a photo opp I’d never forget! By day three of KAABOO, my right ankle was swollen (man, getting old blows!), my eyes were hanging out of my head and I was pretty sure I never wanted to see another Corona again for quite some time. But now that I’ve recovered, I’m ready to do it again next year! ALL THREE DAYS, hopefully.

A HUGE THANK YOU to KAABOO for hosting me again this year and providing tickets to all three days. I’ve made memories to last a lifetime. And also…THANK YOU to Swirl Boutique for dressing me all three days! You guys know that Swirl is my favorite place to shop. And a little birdie told me that they have an online shop coming VERY soon so be sure and follow them on Instagram for updates!


DAY ONE: Indah Clothing Dress c/o Swirl Boutique (call 760-753-0870 to order), Love Strength Belt c/o Swirl Boutique, Dolce Vita Booties, Jcrew Denim Jacket, Tom Ford Sunglasses, Madewell Hat

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