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A few weeks ago I mentioned that I made a list of 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days. One of those things I’ve been wanting to do was to organize my socks/panties drawer. I don’t know about you but my underwear drawer was full of everything from mismatched socks, ill fitting bras to underwear from who knows how long ago. I mean, I don’t even know why I would hold onto those random pairs…you know the ones…the ones that just don’t fit right so you never wear them?!? I swear, I had a few things in that drawer that I would reach for before laundry day and think to myself, “I hope this isn’t the day I get in an accident and get caught wearing these ol’ things”. LOL. Well, I finally took the plunge and decided to just THROW STUFF AWAY. To help me get motivated I took a trip to my local Kohl’s store and bought myself 15 new pairs of panties and like 30 new pairs of socks!

I’ve also been reading my new book about tidying up and one of the best tips I read was to organize things by category. I used to think that I could just sort one room at a time but I would ALWAYS end up spending hours just going through things and still not feel organized. Another thing this book stressed was/is the importance of only keeping things that you LOVE. And it’s so true!!! If you want your closet/room/home to be your happy space, it should be filled with only things that make you happy! It may seem like a panty/sock drawer is so insignificant but I can’t even tell you the joy it brings to know that ANY pair I reach for is going to be cute/comfy and as for socks…matching! It’s the little things my friends. Plus, you feel good knowing your panties are just as pretty as your outfit you’ve picked out for the day!

To give you an idea of what I was working with here, I had a whole drawer dedicated to unmatching socks. And then a separate drawer for my bras/panties, etc. I had also been cluttering up my nightstand with all of my sunglasses and my everyday jewelry. So I decided to clear a space in my closet to store my sunglasses, belts and jewelry.

I got rid of so much stuff that I could actually fit my socks & panties in ONE drawer! My belts were previously in a pile on the floor so I finally went through all of them too and arranged them so I can actually SEE them.

And last but not least… a closer look at all of the cute panties I picked up! I wanted to try a few different styles so I grabbed a couple of the Maidenform “cheeky hipsters“, a few Maidenform “lace thongs“, a couple of SO “seamless thongs” and also a few of the Candies “lace cheeky’s“. They were all on sale so what better time to try some “new-to-me” styles!

So what are you waiting for…head on over to your local Kohl’s store (or shop online) and treat yourself to something pretty! Oh, and be sure to use code INTIMATES10 for $10 off $40 from 3/3/17 – 3/16/17 (bonus buys 3/3/17 -3/12/17)!

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  1. Chris
    Mar 08, 2017 @ 7:55 am

    Amazing (and let’s face it, a bit sad) how many of us have drawers full of illfitting socks and underwear just because we can’t bear to part with them… but they’re so cute… lol