We live in a very rural part of town and as most of you know, I take all of my own photos at home. And thank goodness because I gotta tell ya…taking photos of myself out in public is just mortifying to me. I try to tell myself…”Oh, you will never see those people again”…but I pretty much live in the same area that I grew up in…so odds are…someone would see me. So THANK GOODNESS I get to take my pics at home! On this particular day I was taking pics and all of the sudden my dogs and a dog I do not know started running toward me (and my tripod/camera) at full speed. I wasn’t sure if the dog was friendly so I had to make a split decision to save my camera or possibly get my knee blown out by a pack of dogs!!! Thank goodness the dog was friendly but my photo session was over and I spent the next hour tracking down the dog’s owner. All’s well that ends well!

Outfit Details: Indah Clothing Bodysuit, Victory Sweater c/o cabi, Court Skorts c/o cabi, Coach Wedges, Madewell Fedora, Urban Outfitters Saddle Bag

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  1. Roxana
    Feb 13, 2017 @ 10:25 pm

    My hands are almost too frozen to type at this moment,but you make me think of summer so that will warm me up