I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions. It somehow feels like setting myself up for failure. Instead, I’ve decided to create a list of 101 things I’d like to do/accomplish in 1001 days (thank you Kara for the inspiration) which seems more attainable for some reason. Some things are easy (I’ve already done #72, #83, #91) and others seem impossible (see #20, #42 and #82). I definitely want 2017 to be the year of organizing and de-cluttering my life. BTW, my husband surprised me with the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and I’m not sure if I should be flattered that he knows me so well (I almost bought it for myself a year ago) or annoyed at the not-so-subtle hint. LOL!!! Anywho…you can check out my list below:

1. Get my iPhoto library down to less than 10k photos (I currently have over 85k)

2. Clean out my sock, underwear & pj drawer (bye socks with holes and pj pants from the 90’s!) (DONE! 02/01/17)

3. Buy a bookshelf to get all of our books off the floor in our office

4. Finish all of the half read books on my night stand

5. Organize fire/emergency safe (check fire extinguishers/fire alarms also)

6. Get rid of my piles (if I’ve lived without looking in them for 6mo, I’m sure I’ll survive without them)

7. Get my eyebrows microbladed or learn how to pencil them in properly (went to a consult an decided against it!)

8. Get some type of laser treatment for my undereyes

9. Use my chemo cream to remove pre-cancerous cells on my chest (leaves awful scabs for weeks)

10. Get all of my old bonding on my teeth replaced

11. Go to Julian for apple pie

12. Swim with Otters (I am on a waitlist-2017 is completely booked)

13. Take a Pilates class (the kind that uses those tables?)

14. Get the screw back to my diamond earring fixed so I can actually wear them

15. Get my wedding ring professionally cleaned

16. See Billy Joel in concert again

17. Do another 5k (maybe the Turkey Trot!)

18. Play in falling snow (not just man-made snow)

19. Do a juice cleanse of some sort for longer than 1 day

20. Go 3 (5 seems impossible) days without sugar/candy (I eat candy daily)

21. Organize my closets

22. Organize my film photos

23. Create a personal IG account so I can organize family photos & make chatbooks

24. Get to bed earlier

25. Get new silverwear (HOW are we missing so many pieces?!?)

26. Buy cute new dishes for everyday use

27. Get rid of/organize Eep’s toy room

28. Decorate Eep’s room (big boy instead of baby)

29. Drink more water

30. Renew my magazine subscriptions

31. List more clothes on Poshmark (you can shop my closet here)

32. Do a 30 day shopping freeze

33. Try a new crockpot recipe

34. Get back to more of a blogging schedule

35. Visit NYC

36. Get a facial thanks Smartface

37. Clean out skincare/makeup sample drawer

38. Unsubscribe to all email junkmail

39. Clean up my Yahoo inbox (I’ve got 52, 275 unread emails)

40. Start taking vitamins again

41. Get new thank you cards

42. Grow IG following

43. Use Pinterest more often

44. Participate more in my SD blogging community fb pages/meetups, etc.

45. Hire a photographer to take professional blog pics

46. Take professional family photos again

47. Get Christmas cards out the first week in December

48. Update media kit

49. Hold a plank for 2+ min

50. Take a photography class

51. Get new business cards

52. Meet my hubby for lunch more often

53. Go on an overnight trip with just me & Eep

54. Zip line again

55. Buy and USE a cute daytimer/planner

56. Go to Catalina again

57. Camp at Carpinteria again

58. Palm Springs Fashion Week again

59. Get new reading glasses/actually wear my contacts

60. Go back to Salton Sea

61. Go to the beach and watch a sunset

62. Make a cactus wall

63. Go to another Paint Nite

64. Host a brunch for my besties at my house

65. Go to Las Vegas again

66. Go to Antelope Canyon in AZ

67. Get wood floors in our house

68. Get the house painted

69. Create a space to do my makeup with good lighting

70. Create a cute way to store hats, scarves, purses

71. Hang more candid family photos around the house

72. Host a game night at home with friend  (DONE! 1/7/17)

73. Go on a wine tasting in Napa or Sanoma

74. Go on a daytime beer tasting party bus

75. Do another Scavenger Hunt

76. Volunteer at an Alzheimers home

77. Get some sort of updated gaming system (xbox, wii???)

78. Plant more bougainvilla

79. Have a picnic at the top of our mountain in the gazebo

80. Make cowboy cookies

81. Replace lights that are too dim in my closets with brighter lights

82. Do a real pushup

83. Visit my brother’s new apartment (DONE! 1/14/17)

84. Buy/Make and wear a fancy hat to Opening Day at Del Mar Races

85. Get rid of all old towels and buy all matching sets

86. Go to a shooting range

87. Detail my car

88. Get the proper attachment so I can listen to Pandora in my car

89. Take a coding class

90. Redesign my blog

91. See RENT again (DONE! 1/15/17)

92. Go ice skating

93. Get a tattoo removed

94. Go to the Living Zoo in Palm Desert

95. Go to Dinner en Blanc

96. Get my broken capillaries zapped at the dermatologist

97. Go to KAABOO again

98. Participate in a Lantern Festival

99. Visit my grandparents graves

100. Rescue another animal

101. Learn how to properly use iCloud and backup EVERYTHING

Disclaimer: Images in collage above via here, here and here.

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  1. Jillian Calabucci
    Jan 21, 2017 @ 7:24 pm

    I love this so much! I am going to make my own list. Thanks for the idea