sicky sunglasses

I have a confession to make…I am slightly obsessed with sunglasses. But I have a very small face so I often struggle finding a pair that fits my small head. I find that aviators are especially hard because they end up coming down so low on my cheeks that I look like a bug. And forget about anything that says “oversized”. So I’ve gotten used to checking measurements online before making any purchase to make sure they are going to fit properly. So I was pleasantly surprised when my new Sicky Eyewear S7 Aviators arrived and fit almost perfect straight out of the case. Another HUGE plus…they are polarized. I am now spoiled and have to have polarized lenses. Nothing is worse than still having to squint WITH sunglasses on. Polarized lenses really do reduce the glare! What is your favorite style of sunglasses?





Outfit Details: XIX Palms Vamonos Wrap Maxi c/o Swirl Boutique, Schutz Erlina Sandals, S7 Aviators c/o Sicky’s Eyewear

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