I can still remember trying to fall asleep the night before my wedding. Not only was I BEYOND excited for the BIG day, but I also knew I had to try to sleep on my back to avoid having horrible chest wrinkles on the day of my wedding. I am a side sleeper. And not just a side sleeper…but a major toss-n-turn side sleeper. So I always wake up with deep wrinkles on my chest. And it ain’t pretty friends.


So when SiO Beauty (pronounced See Oh!) asked me if I would like to try their new three-step overnight beauty regimen, I could not say YES fast enough. The three-step system includes the Décolleté Cleansing Discs, the SiO SkinPads and the Décolleté Serum. Together they treat visible signs of aging on your delicate (and hard to treat) décolleté area. Here is how it works:

Step One: The Décolleté Cleansing Discs are highly recommended for use prior to the application of the SiO SkinPad. By lightly exfoliating and clearing pores, they preparing the décolleté for the SkinPad to achieve its best possible reparative effects. And by cleansing and drying the skin correctly, the SkinPad will adhere better and stay put.

Step Two: The reusable SkinPad is custom designed to be worn on the chest décolletage and fits women of all ages and body types. It is worn overnight, during which time it restores the natural, youthful beauty of the décolleté, while also acting to prevent future wrinkles from forming. Each pack contains 2 SkinPads, and each pad is reusable up to 15 times.

Step Three: Designed to be used in the morning after removing the SiO SkinPad. If you skip a night wearing the SkinPad, they recommend that you continue to use the Serum consistently as the wrinkle smoothing, hydrating and brightening effects are cumulative and maximized over time.



Chest Wrinkles

These are my results after just one night of use. I took before/after photos in natural light right by the same window. The only difference is that one day was sunny and the next was overcast. There are no filters on these photos. I literally could not believe my eyes when I pulled off the SiO SkinPad. My chest wrinkles were almost non-existent! After several hours, I did notice the wrinkles creeping back but they DEFINITELY appeared much smoother. I am addicted and only wish that the Skinpad actually covered more of my chest so I could also treat the wrinkles right below my clavicle bones too. Heck, I’m tempted to try these pads under my eyes too…LOL (totally not recommended…but tempting!). I would absolutely recommend the 24-hour SiO System to anyone who wants to have a smooth chest for their wedding day or any day/night really that you simply want your chest to look as young as you feel! It works!

Be sure and visit SiO Beauty to learn more.

Disclaimer: I was gifted the SiO Beauty three-step regimen to try for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.


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