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Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes collaborated with Shoemint to design the “Jane Booties” a few months ago. I LOVED them so much that I bought them THE DAY they came out. They were actually my first Shoemint purchase believe it or not! Shortly thereafter they launched their #shoemintjane contest where people were asked to style their “Jane Booties” and share them on Instagram to win a head to toe Stylemint look styled by Jane. In addition to the outfit, one lucky winner would get to ask Jane two styling questions. And guess who won? YOURS TRULY. Sea of Shoes was one of the first fashion blogs that I followed. I never would have imagined that years down the road, I would be blogging myself or asking her styling questions. Here are my two questions:

Q: I know that you frequently shop your mom’s closet for many of your AMAZING vintage pieces, but do you have any favorite online shops that you can share for finding affordable vintage pieces?

Jane: I shop a ton online and I am an ebay FIEND! The trick is saving your searches and checking every day. I’m also an etsy user. I love the forties and seventies so I stalk those tags and for the things I collect like angora sweaters. In Dallas we have great thrift stores, that’s where I stock up on luxe basics, because someones always donating their old Ralph Lauren!

Q: I am LOVING the menswear trend & looks you posted recently on Sea of Shoes…just bought a new checked blazer with elbow patches myself. But, I’m curious what is one trend that you wish would go away?

Jane: One trend I wish I would go away….its got to be ear cuffs! I think they look like a horrible disease growing on your ear but to each their own! Ha ha.

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