jcrew leather pocket sweater

layered necklaces

kooba bag

Layered Necklaces

I have been DYING to find THE perfect concealer. Sadly, I still haven’t found “the one”. I keep seeing fabulous HAC (highlight & contour) tutorials on Pinterest (here and here) and I really want that bright under eye glow like Kim Kardashian always has. My husband is going to roll his eyes when he reads that one….he is NOT a fan. SO please ignore my stringy hair in that last pic but I was trying to get a close-up (not TOO close) of my makeup. This was actually a combination of like 5 concealers and although it photographed ok, it was way too cakey in real life. Also…I don’t know how anyone applies concealer AFTER foundation. It never works for me!


Outfit Details:
Jcrew Leather Pocket Sweater
Zara Jeans
Kooba Bag
Steve Madden Boots
The Shine Project & Atlantis Dry Goods Necklaces
Oversized Sunglasses c/o SunglassWarehouse.com

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  1. Kimberly
    Oct 31, 2013 @ 12:41 am

    First of all,I want this entire outfit!

    As for the concealer dilemma, I am in the same boat. I have definitely found that combining a more pigmented cream concealer with one that has illuminating qualities helps, but (for me) it doesn’t cover everything without looking cakey in real life. Sigh….getting old stinks! 🙁

  2. Emma Finlayson
    Oct 31, 2013 @ 6:31 am

    First off… LOVE the sweater!!

    It is so weird that you just posted about highlighting and contouring as I have just started to play around with it as well! I have a post ready to go about the products that I am using that I am posing next week.
    For brightening under the eye (I have dark circles so I really need it) is the L’Oreal Magic Lumi concealer

    xo Emma

  3. Because Shanna Said So
    Oct 31, 2013 @ 8:48 am

    I have pinned a few highlighting and contouring things and watched a few videos…honestly, I can’t get it right! It’s never looks right and usually I can’t even notice a difference. I just wish I could have someone come over every single day to put “on” my face. And, please, girl, that last shot of you is GORG!! All of them are! That SWEATER!!!!!

  4. Candace
    Oct 31, 2013 @ 8:57 am

    I think your makeup looks great and very natural. Can I ask what you use for face creams and washes? That sweater is AMAZING!! I am obsessed with leather embellishments on tops right; it’s such a great contrast.

    • jennifer
      Nov 02, 2013 @ 9:29 pm

      Thank you SO much! I wash with Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar and use Cera Ve AM face lotion w/ spf every day. =)

  5. susan
    Oct 31, 2013 @ 10:00 am

    I don’t know what you did but that last photo…you look absolutely STUNNING. Not that you always don’t but wow. Gorgeous!


  6. Chris
    Oct 31, 2013 @ 10:31 am

    LOVE your boots!

  7. Sofia
    Oct 31, 2013 @ 11:05 am

    Great boots.

    Happy Halloween!


  8. Lisa
    Nov 01, 2013 @ 12:39 pm

    Another great educator on HAC’ing is Wayne Goss. He has a channel on You Tube and a video based on the Kim Kardashian glow. He is the real deal. I also love Cara and follow her blog. I was going to suggest her as well but you found her via Pinterest. She also has a You Tube channel with a video tutorial that demonstrates her highlight and contouring technique. I personally love Benefit’s Erase Paste and IT Cosmetics Concealer for a glowy look that does not cake up.

    Great outfit BTW- I love the boots too!

  9. Janine Markham
    Nov 01, 2013 @ 2:04 pm

    Try some Maybelline “Fit Me” concealer under your eyes. It’s light, but still gives coverage. I’d go with shade 15 for you. Put it on over your foundation and bam! Should work perfectly!

    • jennifer
      Nov 02, 2013 @ 9:30 pm

      Thank you! I will definitely check it out!

  10. Kathleen
    Nov 03, 2013 @ 1:17 pm

    IMHO all you need for the KK look is a stronger brow – your eyes look stunning