Arrowhead Sparkling Water

I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to take some time each day to really be IN THE MOMENT. With my seemingly never-ending list of things to get done, preparing for my son to start preschool (OMG) and keeping up my blog schedule…most of the time I am running around on autopilot.

So today I’ve teamed up with Arrowhead® Brand Sparkling Mountain Spring Water to share my “Feel Good Moments” or how I take a few minutes each day to refresh & recharge. If you follow me on instagram, you probably know by now that our gazebo has become our little retreat. It is high up on a hill and it is SO relaxing to just go up there and take in the view. It’s the perfect place to catch up on my magazines, do a little DIY manicure and treat myself with a lime flavored Arrowhead® Brand Sparkling Mountain Spring Water. With just three natural ingredients—spring water, natural fruit essence and bubbles…it is the perfect alternative to soda (no sugar or calories either)!

How do you recharge and take a little time for you to get through your busiest days? Head over to the Arrowhead® Brand Sparkling Mountain Spring Water Facebook page every #HumpDay to have a feel good moment and share your own.

Thanks to Arrowhead®, Deer Park®, Ice Mountain®, Ozarka®, Poland Spring®, Zephyrhills® Brands Sparkling Natural Spring Waters for sponsoring today’s discussion.

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