april birchbox

april birchbox review

this month i’ve got to admit…i think birchbox specifically curated this box FOR ME. ok, i know they didn’t but that’s how much i like it. here’s what i got:

kerastase age premium bain substantif shampoo: it’s for MATURE hair! i’m pretty sure everyone and their mother knows i have grey hair and i hate it. this shampoo is supposed to work miracles on breakage, thinning and moisture loss. sign.me.up. =)

joanna vargas daily serum: this has vitamin A, C and E in it plus hyaluronic acid and feels great on. i’m telling you i should have skin like a baby with all of the magical potions i use. like, for real.

mirenesse glossy kiss: i REALLY liked this. i thought it was going to be a lip liner but it is actually a lipstick pencil. it also doubles as a cheek stain although i would probably never use it as a blush. i also really liked the color i received (cheeky kiss).

lafco house & home soap: this has a very strong scent and will be used exactly as the packaging suggests…as a guest soap! =)

simple revitalizing eye roll-on: feels fantastic on tired eyes in the morning. has a cooling effect and absorbs nicely.

if you are not familiar with birchbox, it is a monthly subscription service that delivers a curated box of beauty product samples for only $10/mo. occasionally they even include full-sized products. it is one of my little treats for myself that i look forward to each month. to learn more or join, click here.

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  1. lkd-atx
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 6:57 am

    Make sure you don’t miss your free one-year subscription to Women’s Health! It looks suspiciously like a subscription offer, but it’s really a free year.

    I got all the same things. Agree with you on the soap!;)

    • jennifer
      Apr 17, 2013 @ 7:00 am

      oh yeah!!! i totally forgot!!! thank you! =)

  2. amy
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 10:38 am

    I liked this month’s Birchbox. I really like the mirenesse lip/cheek pencil. The color is amazing. Need to check out other colors.