the december birchbox was so pretty that i think they should change the packaging to look like this year round! =) i, for one, have been totally known to buy something simply because i like the packaging (sshhhh). this month i was most excited about the benefit “it’s potent” eye cream. lately i’ve been on an eye cream kick (especially since i just ran out of my fave freeze 24-7 eye serum)! i haven’t had a chance to try everything being so busy with the holidays but i still wanted to share what i got! here’s the rundown:

benefit “it’s potent” eye cream: a team of actives, including cocoa extract, boosts microcirculation and helps fade the look of dark circles. sodium hyaluronate creates a moisture shield on skin. a heroic peptide complex works to restore under-eye skin, while botanicals provide serious backup support. With apple extract to up the collagen count and loquat extract to fight free radicals, you’re covered.

number four clarifying shampoo: rich in vitamins and antioxidants, this clarifying shampoo restores health and shine to overworked tresses. black currant and soy restore vibrancy; acai berry and vitamin c deliver youth-boosting antioxidants; oolong tea and irish moss defend against environmental damage; and lemongrass and oatmeal gently cleanse and purify. this shampoo is also vegan friendly and free from sulfate/sodium chloride and parabens.

LA fresh eco beauty makeup remover (individual packets): each wipe is soaked with a solution rich in potent plant oils, including olive, jojoba, grape seed, and lavender. these antioxidant-rich oils work together to whisk away a day’s worth of makeup while nourishing your skin.

the balm hot mama shadow & blush all-in-one: this illuminating powder is one of the most flattering blush, highlighter, and shadow combos we’ve ever come across. it combines subtle color with light-reflecting silica particles to give us the peachy keen complexions we’ve always wanted. wear it on your cheeks, your lids, and wherever you want to add a dose of shimmery warmth.

juliette has a gun mad madame perfume:  top notes of rose, freesia, and black currant open up to earthy wood notes (the result of that happy initial mishap). balancing the sweet floral scents are base notes of white musk, tolu balsam, and vanilla absolute. plus, the eye-catching oxblood red bottle will look smashing on your vanity.

extra: gift card good for $50 off of a $125 rental. i’ve really been wanting to check them out so this may actually get me to finally give them a try. you too can get the same discount with code BRCHBX50 (expires 2/28/13). to sign up or learn more, click here.

p.s. this is not a sponsored post. i am a paying customer. as a child i used to ALWAYS buy grab bags because i LOVE surprises. and that is what birchbox is for me each month…a fabulous box full of fun beauty products to try. at only $10/mo, it is totally worth it in my opinion. click here to join.

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  1. Laurie
    Dec 25, 2012 @ 12:35 pm

    Oh, the sample lovliness. I must re-subscribe!

  2. T.
    Dec 25, 2012 @ 7:48 pm

    Looks like some nice items!