one day

yesterday i participated in the hollywood housewife’s “one day” project where i documented my whole day (well, sorta):

this day in particular happened to be a little different than a typical day because my husband and i were leaving to go out of town. i didn’t have time to snap as many pics as i wanted and being the procrastinator i am…i left packing, errands, etc. to the last minute. but my morning went like this: woke up still tired, updated all of my social media outlets, fed everyone and barely had time to make my coffee & grab a breakfast bar and run out the door to get to stroller strides in time. btw…half of the time, i look down just to make sure i actually got dressed and have my tennis shoes on. then when we got home, eep & i had lunch outside…which we should really do more often. the rest of the day was spent rushing around trying to get out the door by 5pm. i had hoped to get more pics for you guys when we arrived at our hotel but instead we dropped our stuff off in our room and went straight to dinner. and i didn’t take a single picture. blogger fail.

p.s. all of these pics were posted on instagram (and some were tweeted) so i apologize if this is all a repeat for you.

One Day at Hollywood Housewife

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  1. Penny Pincher Fashion
    Nov 15, 2012 @ 5:51 pm

    I was following along with all your pictures – this was such a fun project! πŸ™‚


  2. Alela Sirah
    Nov 15, 2012 @ 9:35 pm

  3. Neris
    Nov 16, 2012 @ 12:27 am

    such a fun project and cute photos πŸ™‚


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  4. laura @ hollywood housewife
    Nov 16, 2012 @ 4:03 pm

    Loved seeing some of your pictures on Instagram! This was a really fun project, thank you for participating!