i’m wearing: lavender blouse from banana republic (old), white mother skinnies (i found mine at nordstrom rack), nine west pumps, curly in the city tribal clutch, asos cuff and my new favorite ring from ann taylor.

i apologize for the last “old lady hand” picture (my husband called it the “chicken claw”-lol). my hands look like they are 90 years old. but i really LOVE my new ring. so yesterday was our FOUR year wedding anniversary. we BOTH forgot. my mom called and wished us happy anniversary…oops! on one hand, i can NOT believe it’s been four years. and on the other, i’ve known him since i was 21 (we didn’t start dating until i was 26) so i can barely remember life without him in it. gawd i’m old. wait, i already said that. =) happy friday friends.

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  1. Penny Pincher Fashion
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 4:26 am

    WOW – only 4 years? I didn’t realize you two were still newlyweds…happy anniversary! Um, I totally have old lady hands – my husband isn’t afraid to admit that my hands scare him and they are the MOST heavily edited thing in my photos (true story). Anyways, love that ring and you look so pretty in purple – have a happy weekend! (Two weeks until we get to hang out in Cali – woohoo…let the countdown begin)!!!

  2. Amber ~ Real Girl Glam
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 4:54 am

    Happy (belated!) Anniversary! It’s easy to forget when time flies by. I am seriously in love with this blouse, wish it wasn’t old! The color is such a pretty lavender-grey. And I definitely don’t think you have old lady hands!

  3. Danielle
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 5:13 am

    Happy Anniversary! And that Ring Rocks.

  4. Lyndzie @ fashionable footprints
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 6:22 am

    Congrats on your anniversary!
    I love the colour & shape of that blouse! Great white skinnies as well, I am still looking for the perfect pair!

  5. Sharon
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 6:25 am

    Happy anniversary! The pastels look so pretty on you! Have a great weekend, dear!


  6. Fashion By Alicia
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 6:35 am

    I really love that ring! Happy Anniversary! I hope you get to do something fun even if you forget about it yesterday. Have a great weekend.

  7. My Dressy Ways
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 8:21 am

    The chicken claw! LOL! I saw my hands the other day on the steering wheel and was immediately mortified to discover my hands go old almost overnight. WTH???? What do we do?

  8. Kristin
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 6:00 pm

    Love your CITC clutch! I have two of hers and just adore them!

  9. megan, the frugalista diaries
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 10:44 pm

    You’re 4 yrs. too?! I love this look, one of my favs.

  10. Tara
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 6:19 am

    Your clutch is so, so cute!

  11. Monica Roese
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 6:14 pm

    Happy Anniversary! Cute photos’ love your Asos cuff!

  12. bravoerunway
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 9:01 pm

    Well you just let me know if you’d like a natural exfoliating mitt…that may eliminate the dry skin lol! I think you have beautiful hands nothing old lady at all. Happy 4 year anniversary, and to many more with you and Mr. Stylish Housewife 😉

  13. Chioma
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 9:35 pm

    Love the lavender blouse it almost works like a neutral! And that clutch is to die for! Great look :))


  14. FaashionGeek
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 9:45 pm

    Omg i love that top! its so fierce!
    want to follow each other?C:

  15. natalie
    Apr 15, 2012 @ 8:17 am

    im really loving the lavender on you! <3


  16. Emily
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 9:33 am

    Love this outfit! You look beautiful.

  17. The Fashionable ESQ
    Apr 17, 2012 @ 5:10 am

    This outfit looks really good on you. It’s not fussy and it’s just beautiful on it’s own. I really like Lavender+White+Gold. I’m going to post something centered around this color scheme – I’m looking for a great pair of white jeans – – – I can’t seem to find them. Suggestions? I don’t want something see-through (so annoying when that happens). I should probably try AG or the brand you featured here.

    I’m having a GIVEAWAY – drop by 🙂
    The Fashionable ESQ

  18. Tiffany M
    Apr 18, 2012 @ 7:22 am

    First. Happy Belated Anniversary!
    Second. I love that ring!! It just all sorts of amazing!
    And you look gorgeous in purple!
    Hope your having a great week!