i signed up to be an influenster after reading about it on this blog (hi lia!). when you join influenster, you unlock badges that reflect your lifestyle (for example, i unlocked the “mom” badge and the “beauty” badge, etc.) to qualify for voxboxes (complimentary boxes of products to try). this was my first voxbox…you know i couldn’t wait to get my hands on those press on nails! each box also comes with a notecard with descriptions of the items enclosed. here are my reviews:

imPRESS press on manicure by broadway nails: i loved the packaging of these but i have never been a fan of press on nails. period. and my hands are ALWAYS in water so all i could think of was them lifting and getting all nasty underneath so i pretty much just put them on for these pics. i am spoiled because i have a nail stamp kit so i can create fun crazy designs like this at home already (see my zebra mani here). the glue tape did stick pretty well so they could be fun for anyone who wants wild nails for the night (although the box says they will last a week). they come in 36 colors (patterns, trendy brights, fun prints, classic darks and animal prints). i did like the length of them.

softsoap coconut scrub bar soap: i already use softsoap coconut scrub body wash so i was excited to try this soap! the soap is gentler than the body wash i use but compliments it nicely. it also comes in pomegranate & mango and honeysuckle & orange peel. i can definitely see myself purchasing these again. especially for the guest bathrooms!

new york color liquid lip shine: once again you girls know i am not a BIG fan of lipgloss, but i DO dap just a touch in the center of my lips for shine. this color happens to be perfect for me because it is very sheer and gave just the right amount of shine. it wasn’t sticky at all and it smells good enough to eat.

montagne jeunesse face mask (passion peel-off): i have seen these little packs before and have always wanted to try them. something about peel-off masks are so fun to me! i put this on and twenty minutes later peeled it off and was left with super soft skin.

mentos pure fresh gum: i am not really a gum chewer. occasionally i will crave bubble gum but i am not a big minty gum fan. but i have to admit it was nice to have these in my purse. and my husband is ALWAYS asking me if i have gum. for the first time ever…i did. i like the packaging because whenever i have had gum, it ends up strewn about in my purse and inevitably out of the wrappers stuck to the bottom.

larabar: i got the cherry pie flavor and thought it tasted like a bar of cherry fruit roll-ups. kind of amazing that it is made of only three ingredients: unsweetened cherries, dates and almonds. a little healthy for my taste…but for a “health” bar…it was pretty good. larabars come in 19 different flavors.

garden botanika lash primer: i was SUPER excited to try this! i’ve never used a lash primer before. i am lucky to have long lashes but they are not thick so i like to use several coats of mascara and the older the better…i hate starting a new mascara! this stuff definitely made my lashes fuller. i think i may have a new product to add to my daily routine!

so what do you guys think? will you sign up to be an influenster? have you tried any of these products?

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  1. Penny Pincher Fashion
    Dec 27, 2011 @ 5:03 am

    I’ve never heard of this before – going to check it out now…thanks for the tip!

  2. Alice @ Earning My Two Cents
    Dec 27, 2011 @ 9:15 am

    I’m definetely signing up!

  3. Shannon
    Dec 27, 2011 @ 1:57 pm

    I got the imPress nails for free about a month ago and after putting them on I cut them all the way down and they lasted for 2 weeks, no problem! I loved them because they never chipped or came off! I think their work the $8 or so bucks at the store.