i want to introduce you to one of my sponsors, stef from askananny.com. i am always going to her with my new momma questions and asking for advice. last week i asked her to help me with my fears of starting “eep” on real food instead of just purees. yes,  i’m the mom who broke the puffs into FOUR pieces for fear that he would choke. yep, a total worry wart! this week i asked her if she wouldn’t mind answering another one of my questions here on the blog.

I have all of the baby books and What to Expect up to a year, but none for raising a healthy, responsible, loving, well behaved toddler/child. Do you have any recommendations?

Hi Jenn!! Thanks so much for the great question! I love the What to Expect books myself and would definitely recommend buying The Toddler Years, because it really does address all of your everyday parenting concerns in one (heavy!) book.

For the type of books you are looking for, there are a few options. I am going to suggest three different books that you can read now, as well as over again in the future.

1. Your One Year Old: Fun-Loving and Fussy by Louise Bates Ames, PhD. and Frances L. Ilg, M.D. To truly understand your child, you need to know more than teething tips or distraction techniques; to be an effective parent, it is essential to know what’s going on developmentally. This book is the first in a series (one for every age up to 14) by the researchers at the Giselle Institute of Human Development. Typical issues raised by each stage are addressed in an easy to understand, yet research based approach. Read this short book and I guarantee you will be a more empathetic and confident parent!

2. Positive Discipline the First Three Years by Jane Nelson, Ed.D, Cheryl Erwin and Roslyn Duffy. I know you’re thinking, “Discipline? For a one year old? Really?” But what this book really brings to the table is a type of parenting mindset or philosophy which hopefully will lead to effective, yet respectful, discipline down the road. As your son matures, the toddler years aren’t too far away, and how you deal with the beginnings of boundary testing and his natural drive for independence will set the course for the next stage (and the next, and the next…). This book will help to deal with everyday toddler behavior, and set the ground work for a future growth and development.

3. Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents by Christine Carter, Ph.D.  I am recommending this book because, in conjunction with the others, it will be your stepping stone to a more open and happy relationship, not only with your son, but your husband, too! I love this book for all parents because it keeps it simple in less than 200 pages, uses lists to effectively explain concepts, and is very open-minded! Within this structure, it effectively addresses all kinds of serious issues like marital slumps, building your child’s “emotional intelligence,” and truly enjoying every moment with your child, in a positive and extremely supportive way.

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if you have read any of these books or have any other suggestions, i would love to hear about them in the comments! and thanks again stef for the suggestions!

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