This weeks FBFF questions were inspired by Vahni from Grit and Glamour. she had a post several weeks ago in which she outlined her personal uniform or “outfit formula” as she dubbed it. Here are my answers:

1. What’s your go-to outfit formula? white shirts have always been my favorite. wether it be a crisp white button down or a plain white t-shirt. you can dress it up or down so easily. before i started this blog, i also had a closet full of neutrals. i still love my white, creams and tans but i add color wherever i can now.

2. How did you come about this formula? ever since i can remember, i’ve loved white shirts. i got so used to wearing them to work that i started wearing them out on weekends too and began to only have a conservative wardrobe which was starting to bore me. since i’ve become a stay at home mom, i have a lot more freedom to try new trends.

3. Do you have different formulas for different occasions in your life? not really. my styles have changed more with where i have lived. i am born and raised in southern ca and all we ever used to wear were jeans when we would go out. then i moved to nyc and la and was ALWAYS wearing dresses. i definitely feel more comfortable in dresses which is kinda weird, i guess.

4. Has it morphed over the years? i guess my answer would be the same as above. but i also feel like my outfit formula has changed drastically just since i started this blog. i am much more into accessorizing than i used to be. now i feel like my outfits are boring if i don’t have an armful of bracelets and a new mani every time i walk out the door.

5. Which other blogger’s outfit formula would you like to swipe? once again i am going to have to say blaire eadie from atlantic-pacific. her layers are amazing. or chloe from the chloe conspiracy…she ALWAYS looks gorgeous. she layers and accessorizes and still manages to look ultra feminine which i love.

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  1. Marie-Eve @aprettynest
    Jul 01, 2011 @ 4:14 am

    Great answers. Since I started blogging my fashion formula has changed too, I go more for skirts and dresses and less for pants. Weird ! I love Blair too, I admire her way of layering and accessorising, I wish I could pull of half of her looks !!!

  2. MyFavouriteThings
    Jul 01, 2011 @ 11:50 am

    I love the look of a white button down shirt, I just can’t make them work, I always feel uncomfortable wearing them, for some reason! Like you, I’ve also started adding colour to an otherwise neutral wardrobe, it really makes dressing a lot more fun:)

  3. For Those About To Shop
    Jul 02, 2011 @ 12:35 pm

    I also love dresses. I think it is women’s little secret that they are actually easier and more comfortable because people think you put a lot of effort when you wear a dress!