1. learn how to use my diana f+ camera: i HAD to have this for xmas. and not just the camera…the whole deluxe kit. and now i am completely overwhelmed by it. i am so used to digital that i am afraid of it! and i forgot how expensive it is to buy film, then you have to ship it out to get developed and then pay extra to have the pics put on a cd which i was told kinda ruins the distressed look you were going for in the first place. oh, and then i heard you could buy an adapter for your nikon to use the lenses from the diana on your nikon! but that requires the owner to know how to use manual settings (um, put another thing on my to-do list)! of course i HAD to have that too. oh well, at least it’s pretty =)

2. learn how to use my photoshop elements: i got photoshop elements 8 for xmas two years ago. i thought it was going to be like cliff notes for photoshop and/or easy. not so much. by the time i figure out how to use it, it will probably be obsolete.

3. organize all of my pics: iphoto makes this easy enough to do so why haven’t i done it yet???

4. backup my computer: i bought one of those mybook external hard drives. now i just need to figure out how to backup my blog and computer and pics and music…lol. i am sensing a trend here….buy things and then never take the time to learn how to use them.

5. download all of my pics of eep onto my digital frame: ok, this i know how to do…i just need to make the time to do it.

these are just my to-do’s that are computer/camera related (there’s more i’m sure). another thing i need to do is some friggen laundry. my husband has decided it is now funny to call out in a strange voice “feeeeed me” which is what he says the pile of laundry now OUTSIDE of my clean closet is saying. so yeah, i have a lot more to do but these just sound more fun. kinda.

want to hear more of the things i need to do? “why yes, mrs stylish housewife…i WOULD love to hear you complain more”! i have just the solution for you…follow me on twitter =)

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