steve madden flats; similar style here, nine west madeup pumps, steve madden trinitie pumps

i am going to be starting a new category called “if you liked it, then why is the tag still on it” (sung to the tune of beyonce’s “if you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it). i can not even tell you how many things i have in my closet that still have the tags on them and/or have never been worn! mostly shoes and bags since i really only bought accessories while i was pregnant (and thank god because i don’t think i will ever be the size i used to be). even the shoes i bought are too snug since my feet haven’t quite recovered from pregnancy either! can you get patent leather shoes stretched? well, until i can afford these, my selection is going to have to do!

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  1. jess @ balanced libra
    Jun 18, 2011 @ 7:55 am

    I am trying as I might to expand my shoe collection, and the nudes dept. is where I must begin. Great Post!