dear infusium

dear infusium,

i have been using infusium 23 leave-in treatment since i was in high school. this means that i have been a loyal customer since 1993. eighteen friggen years. i want to introduce you to my little friend in the pic above. he has been with me since you changed the look from the old white bottles with brown and blue writing. why is he wearing that plastic tape you ask? well, that would be from when he accidentally fell over onto my straightener and burned a hole in the bottle! thanks to my husband, he is still with us. me and my friend are so tight that when we go on vacations, he rides with me up front in the cup holder =) as much as i love him, i would REALLY love to be able to find a replacement. i might be the only person in the whole wide world that actually makes a pit stop while on vacations to look for my beloved infusium 23 in the spray bottle. i promise to keep buying the gi-normous refill bottles for another 18 years if you  would PLEASE just send me a new friggen spray bottle. deal?

do you know where i can find infusium 23 in a spray bottle??? do tell!!!

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  1. jess @ the balanced libra
    Jun 28, 2011 @ 9:32 am

    too funny I have been using this since high school too! Its in my shower right now!!!
    xo jess