this is me and eep right after he was born. right before they pumped me with four bags of fluids and i swelled up to an unrecognizable me. i always wanted a bald baby so as luck would have it, my little guy had a full head of hair =) i had the world’s worst acid reflux during the last few months of my pregnancy and a friend of ours swore that it meant i would have a hairy baby. she was right…lol. now i am sad that his hair is falling out…go figure. i love you sweet little baby and happy four month birthday!

today i thought i would share with you new moms out there what items we could not have lived without these first three months:

{aden & anais for target muslin swaddle blankets} these are light weight so you can double them (for those of you in colder climates) and they have just the right amount of stretch so that you can swaddle baby super easy. i wanted to love the halo swaddle sleepsack for eep but he is terrified of the sound of velcro so i could not use it.

{the boppy} i had a c-section and planned to breastfeed so i brought mine with me to the hospital. unfortunately i was unable to produce which was devastating (that is a whole separate story to share one day) so eep has been on formula since week one. i still use the boppy to feed him his bottle every day because it is just so comfy to prop him up on it. i have one upstairs and one downstairs.

{cloth diapers} i use these as burp cloths and i probably have about 50 of them. you can not have too many burp clothes.

{fisher price swing} i am really lucky that eep goes to sleep at bedtime in his co-sleeper on his own with no problem (now sttn is another story…we are still working on that). but sometimes there is nothing that will soothe your baby…except the swing (at least for us).

of course there are the other obvious items (co-sleeper/crib, car seat, etc.) but these are just a few of things i would recommend to my best friends to have on their registries.

what are your “can’t live without items”? eep is holding his head up now  so we are starting to use the bumbo and jumper seat…anything you recommend for the next three months??? please share in the comments!

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