me walking over the brooklyn bridge. i lived in chelsea, and only made the walk to brooklyn once in my last week of living in nyc. had pizza at a joint right under the bridge and saw the model shalom.

1. i was once a freeze model. yeah, i stood in a window like a mannequin at the mall. while everyone tried to knock on the window and make me laugh. all i got was a discount on the clothes.

2. i have seen the eagles, madonna, rod stewart, brittany spears, hall & oats,  snoop & dr dre w/ dj quik in concert (just to name a few). so yeah, i like all kinds of music. and i totally agree w/ this blogger.

3. i have worn the same color nail polish & lipstick (or variations of them when they were discontinued) since high school. i am in danger of becoming that lady. the one that never moves with the times. oh, and i have probably only had nail polish on my nails (other than clear) ten times total. working on that =)

4. i planned my wedding in four months on a budget of less than $15k. only regret: not getting a videographer.***kick*** that is me kicking myself again. what was i possibly thinking?!?! i have a wedding blog called bridalinquirer, with an exciting giveaway to announce this weekend!

5. i have three tattoos. i regret two of them. the only one i still love is the chinese symbol on my foot that means “friends”. me and four of my friends got them together. the others are on my ankle and back. the one on my back is embarrassing because it is from back when the style in jeans was to wear them like a paper bag cinched at the waist with a cheap belt that came with them a la wet seal (one of my first jobs btw). so yeah, my tramp stamp is in the middle of my back. lol

6. i moved to nyc at the age of 30 without knowing a single person or having a job. best decision i ever made (i am back in southern ca now).

7. i do not like sushi. at all. like, i won’t even eat a california roll when i am dragged to a sushi restaurant.

8. in the middle of my c-section (eep was breech basically the entire pregnancy) i yelled, “why are you counting” and “what’s a quill”??? they were counting the instruments to make sure they didn’t leave any in me. and a quill has something to do with the stitches.

9. i was born and raised in southern, ca and i will not go in the ocean. i am terrified of sharks. although i have swam with dolphins and a sea lion. on my honeymoon, i took so long to get in the water to snorkel that i got a standing ovation on the beach when i finally got in.

10. me and my cousin have the same birth mark on our right arm in the same spot about the size of a quarter. hers is darker than mine. weird, huh?

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  1. Maegan
    Jan 21, 2011 @ 1:47 pm

    HA! I was born & raised here too and I’m terrified of sharks now …though I did go in the ocean when I was a kid and even surfed a bit. 2. i LOVE DJ Quik …can’t believe you saw him in concert, must have been HILARIOUS! 3. You’re crazy, sushi is DELISH 🙂

  2. the Blah Blah Blahger
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 10:24 am

    I feel the same way about sushi and the ocean. ; )