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Justfab Cheetah Print Clutch

Justfab Jeggings

Yesterday I was rushing to get out the door on time for a doctors appointment and for some reason thought snapping a few outfit pics was a good idea. I was already running late so why not add on a little extra stress by making myself even later? The silver lining…at least I have a post for today. I was never a flu shot person until I was pregnant with my son and now we get them every year. But I SWEAR this time, I feel like I’ve had “a touch” of a cold/flu ever since I got it. My son was definitely sick so maybe moms just get a milder case of whatever it is their kids have so they can still function. At least we are expecting rain today so we get to stay cozy at home and hopefully have our first fire of the season!

Outfit Details:
Harmony Pullover Sweater c/o Justfab
The Perfect Jeggings c/o Justfab
Owens Jacket c/o CAbi
Forever21 Booties
Cheetah Print Talun Clutch c/o Justfab

KOHLS Gift Guide for Him KOHLS Gift Guide For Him

A couple of weeks ago, I asked my husband to check out the Kohl’s website and help me put together a Gift Guide for the Guys. Because…duh…who knows what a guy wants better than A GUY!?! And after seeing how good he did, I’m thinking I ought to put him to work more often! Here are his top picks for the man on your holiday gift list!

1. Leather Manicure Set 2. Men’s Hoodie Sweater 3. TIGI Bed Head for Men Texturizing Paste 4. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband 5. Plaid Lounge Pants 6. Leather Travel Kit 7. Rotary Razor 8. Burberry Cologne 9. Tool Kit 10. Who, What, When, Where Book 11. Shoe Shine Kit 12. Plaid Flannel 13. Plaid Robe 14. Black Steel Watch 15. Poker Set

Still need more gift ideas for the men in your life? Check out Kohl’s mens accessories or click one of the fun categories below:

Kohls Gifts for Him Kohls Gifts for Him Kohl's Gifts for Him Kohl's

P.S. I decided to surprise my hubby with a few items from his list (I also saved a few for Christmas stocking stuffers) for doing such a good job on his gift guide.

Kohls Gifts for Him

1. Sonoma Life + Style Plaid Flannel: I gave this one to my hubby early because it worked perfectly for our family photos this year!

2. Plaid Van Heusen Lounge Pants: These pajama/lounge pants have pockets. And EVERYONE loves pockets. Am I right?

3. Hanes 3-Pack X-Temp Boxer Briefs: Every year the hubby gets undies. Ha! He will die when he reads “undies”. I mean, very manly man underwear. (I also bought him these!)

¬†4. eos Lip Balm: NO ONE. And I mean, NO ONE…has more lip balms laying around than my husband. I usually buy him like a 12 pack of chapsticks for Christmas. But this year I spoiled him and bought him the fancy stuff. =)

5. Ghiradelli Squares: This is sort of a gift for me that I disguise as a gift for him. Sea salt & almonds chocolate squares? Oh, those are ALL mine.

6. Sonoma Life + Style Balsam Fir Candle: This candle smells like Christmas at a spa. YUM!

7. Hand Crank & Solar Powered Explorer Radio: About two years ago we had a MAJOR blackout and most of San Diego was without power for almost a whole day. It was pretty freaky. We always joke that we live in a rural community so we could technically¬† “live off the land” if we HAD to. But we weren’t laughing when our cell phone batteries had run out so we felt a little “in the dark”…pardon the pun. Luckily I am a pack rat so I actually had a battery powered radio and we listed to the radio for updates on the blackout. Long story short…my husband is going to get a kick out of this HAND CRANKED SOLAR POWERED radio! LOL. Men LOVE gadgets.

Disclaimer: Thank you to Kohl’s for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Fabletics 2

Fabletics 3


The temps have really dropped here in the mornings/evenings so I decided it was time to add a jacket to my workout wardrobe. I really liked the collar and asymmetrical zipper on this one. And who doesn’t love thumbholes? LOL. Does everyone like them as much as I do? The lima capri’s are my faves so I went with a classic black this time but the teal striping makes¬† them just different enough that you don’t feel like you’re wearing your same ol’ same ol’s. And for anyone curious about sizing, I would say these both run true to size.

Outfit Details:
Davis Jacket c/o Fabletics
Lima Capris c/o Fabletics
Addidas Sneakers (similar)
Mango Sunglasses (old)

Toms for Target

YOU GUYS. The TOMS for Target collection has finally arrived. I am now officially in the holiday spirit! Time to cheers our proverbial pumpkin spice lattes and get our shop on! For every limited edition gift that you buy from the TOMS for Target collection, Target will be giving back shoes, blankets and meals to those in need. And that my friends, is what it’s all about! This collection has been one of the most anticipated Target collaborations to date and there really is something for everyone on your holiday list! I am so excited to be getting a head start on my shopping and just knowing that my gifts will also be making a difference for those in need makes this collection twice as nice! Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

Poncho $28 (gives one blanket): Both the cream & grey ponchos are sold out online so I am heading to my local Target today to hopefully snag at least one of them! My husband doesn’t know it yet, but this will be one of his presents for me! =) Sssshhhh.

Fringe Throw Blankets $30 (gives one blanket): Honestly, who doesn’t love a cozy blanket? These would make for great teacher gifts or hostess gifts.

Simple is Beautiful Clutch $20 (gives one week of meals): A perfect little gift for your girlfriends to let them know you’re thinking of them this holiday season.

Men’s Denim Button Down $30 (gives one week of meals): You can’t go wrong with a denim button down. A great staple gift for boyfriends, husbands, brothers and dads!

Did you score anything from the TOMS for Target collection? What was your favorite item? Do tell in the comments!!!

Toms for Target

TOMS For Target: One-for-One. For All. Starting November 16th, for every Target+TOMS limited edition gift you buy, we’re (Target) giving shoes, a blanket or meals to those in need. #TOMSforTarget

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.


Cargo Vest Collage

I recently posted a survey on my blog and was thrilled with the participation! So THANK YOU again for taking the time out of your day to help me improve my little corner of the internet! I thought it would be fun to share some of the results with you guys too as some of the answers surprised me!

1. How did you find The Stylish Housewife? 75% of you were referred by other blogs although most couldn’t remember which blog. BUT there were several that mentioned finding me through my CAbi collaborations. Woot woot…shout out to my CAbi ladies!

2. How long have you been reading The Stylish Housewife? 45% have been reading for 2-3 years! YAY! Thank you for sticking with me!

3. How many times a week would you like to see new posts/content on The Stylish Housewife? 50% like the current schedule of 3 days a week and 39% would like to see me go back to 5 days a week. I’m definitely sticking to a minimum of 3 days a week but will probably start throwing in a few extra posts every once in a while.

4. How do you find out about new posts on The Stylish Housewife? 42% are email subscribers!

5. How do you follow The Stylish Housewife? 39% follow via email subscribe.

6. What would you like to see more of on The Stylish Housewife? 40% would like to see more “Two Ways to Wear” features. I love this idea and definitely plan on adding this as a regular feature. To kick things off, I thought I would share all of the ways I’ve worn this cargo vest on the blog. Some of my friends think I never wear the same thing twice…well, here’s proof! =)

7. What time are you most likely to be checking your social media outlets? Top answer was 9am-12pm PST. This one surprised me a bit because no matter the platform, I always feel like I get the most interaction when I post in the evening (6pm-9pm PST).

8. Are you a blogger? THIS answer was the most shocking to me. 80% of my readers are not bloggers! For some reason I thought there would be a lot more bloggers than non-bloggers. Now I wish I would have asked a follow-up question of “How many blogs do you typically read each day”?

9. Which category includes your age group? 44% of my readers are in the 30-39 category with the next group being in the 40-49 category.

10. Likes/Dislikes/Suggestions: The most common request was for more cold weather outfit inspiration. I FEEL ya on this one my friends. We have had the strangest never-ending warm weather streak EVER. But I promise I’ve got my sweaters, jeans, boots and jackets out and ready to wear as soon as it dips below 70 again!

THANK YOU again from the bottom of my heart for responding/participating. Many of you mentioned that you stop by because it feels like you are just checking in with a girlfriend. I can’t even tell you how much it means to me to hear/read that. As much as I love to share inspirational looks, my favorite beauty products, etc….it feels pretty great to know that you guys “get” me. This blog has been a complete labor of love for the past *almost* four years and I am truly thankful that you guys make time to visit my little ol’ blog. Have a great weekend!