All Choked Up

Choker Baublebar Choker

Bell Sleeve Dress

Swirl Boutique Dress

Baublebar Chokers

Off the Shoulder Dress with Bell Sleeves

I didn’t think I was going to love the choker trend the second time around. I did it in the 90’s when I was working at Wet Seal and probably had one in every material/color. But all it took was me giving this one a try and I was hooked. I’m pretty sure this velvet choker (from Baublebar) is going to be my favorite Fall accessory. It also comes in blue and maroon so of course I’m dying to get my hands on those too! The dainty gold choker is also a Baublebar find. How do you feel about the choker trend? Yay or nay?

P.S. For my local friends…Swirl Boutique is having their Annual Blue Wall Sale at both locations (Encinitas and San Clemente)! Everything on the blue wall is 30-50% off. I scored this dress for less than $30!

Outfit Details: Off the Shoulder Dress via Swirl Boutique, Chinese Laundry Fringe Heels via Nordstrom Rack, Mango Sunglasses, Target Felt Hat, Velvet Duchess Choker & Micro Collar Choker c/o Baublebar

Friday Four

So I was thinking about starting a weekly (or maybe monthly…lol…who are we kidding) round-up post of sorts where I would share some snippets of my life through photos on my camera roll. I absolutely LOVE Franziska’s (pronounced fran-ches-ca) “Top Three” posts which I’ve probably shared on here at some point over the last 5+ years but since I can’t remember what I did yesterday (or why I opened a new window to search something a few minutes ago…hoping this jogs my memory…nope), I’m mentioning it again. I also just re-read her “Invisalign” post since I am currently on tray 17 and am one of the lucky (insert sarcasm here) ones who has 8 attachments on the top and 5 on the bottom PLUS I get to wear rubberbands (looks something like this). I wore my trays religiously for the first few weeks but now I am wearing them mainly at night…which is very bad…you are supposed to wear them for something like 22 hours a day. But I’m still seeing improvement so I am happy so far. But back to my idea of a round-up…I kind of feel like people are missing how blogs/social media used to be…a little more real/raw. A little less curated (#amiright). So without further ado…here is my first round-up of sorts.

  • Tried It: Essie’s new gel couture line of polishes. Essie sent me over several of polishes from their new Fall collection and I have to admit it inspired me to start painting my nails again. I’ve been super lazy when it comes to painting my nails as of late but I’ve already tested and shared a couple of my mani’s on Facebook & Twitter. BTW…for any bloggers who are reading…I feel like I have totally ignored Twitter (and Pinterest for that matter) for quite some time. But after checking out the insights on the mani (top left above), I was shocked with how much interaction something as simple as a mani got. I may have to bring #NOTD back to the blog…what do you think? Oh yeah, and for those of you who are interested in how the gel polish holds up…I have to be completely honest here and say that it didn’t last any longer for me than Essie’s regular polish lasts. I have my hands in water ALL THE TIME and am very hard on my nails so if a mani lasts me even 3-5 days, I am ECSTATIC. But I am OBSESSED with the brush shape on these polishes and wish Essie would change all of their brushes to the new fuller/more rounded brushes. It really helps make your at-home mani’s look more professional IMHO. I am wearing “Model Clicks” in the pic above.
  • Read It: I have not read a book in its entirety in a long time. But I just bought “Behind Closed Doors” and read it in half a day. I could not put it down! It was easy reading and it sucked me in IMMEDIATELY. I forgot how fun it is to read. I also recently got “The Light Between Oceans” but haven’t started it yet. I also REALLY want to read “The Five People You Meet In Heaven”. Have you guys read any of these? I’d love your thoughts.
  • Ate It: I recently made this artichoke dip and OH MY GAWD is it delicious. And fattening. But worth it!
  • Found on Instagram: I don’t know why but the “Half Bun Hairstyle” (top right) had me cracking up because that is EXACTLY what I look like (on the right) whenever I attempt this hairstyle. So obviously I had to tag my besties in it on Insta. Speaking of Instagram (you can follow me here), how are you guys liking IG Stories? I thought I would stick to Snapchat because the filters are just too fun but I was surprised at how many more views my IG stories get. Even with this horrible new algorithm…which by the way SUCKS. I MISS seeing the people I follow in chronological order. So if you follow, please do like and/or comment on occasion so you can keep me in your feed!

P.S. Let me know in the comments if this is a type of post you’d like to see more of! With my son going back to school next week, I’m hoping to have a little more time to focus on blogging. But who knows…the older he gets, the more my life revolves around HIS social life! lol


Jump Around

Cu Totes

Cu Totes

Gladiator Sandals

Army Jumpsuit

I purchased this jumpsuit on our last trip to Palm Springs. We love to go during the Summer months unlike most, who stay away due to the heat. But unfortunately for us, most of our favorite places to eat/shop shut down for the Summer…including the shop that I bought this jumpsuit from. But I got lucky and we caught them on their last day before closing and I snagged this jumpsuit on MAJOR sale. It is beyond comfy and SO perfect for throwing on for a day of running errands.

Outfit Details: Wilt Jumpsuit (sold out), Madewell Bracelet, Tote c/o CU Totes, Teressa Lane Necklaces, Tom Ford Sunglasses


Mix & Match

Banana Republic

B-Low the Belt

Banana Republic Printed Skirt & Blouse

BR Polka Dots

I’ve always loved matchy-matchy looks and have never been great at “not” matching on purpose. And now that is finally working in my favor! This may look like a dress, but it is actually a separate tie-neck blouse and flirty flounce skirt. I LOVE love LOVE it as a dress but am SO excited to pair this blouse with my favorite flares for Fall. And the skirt will be perfect for date night with a silky camisole and blazer. I thought about photographing all three looks and doing a three ways to wear feature and then I went outside in the blazing heat and decided not to have a heat stroke instead. LOL.

Outfit Details: Printed Tie-Neck Blouse c/o Banana Republic, Printed Flounce Skirt c/o Banana Republic, Banana Republic Jasmine Sandals, B-Low the Belt, Clutch & Hat via Target.

Flynn Skye 5 Flynn Skye 4 Flynn Skye 3 Flynn Skye 2 Flynn Skye

When I was on the hunt for the perfect dress for opening day, I pulled at least twenty dresses into my fitting room. This dress was one of them. While I knew it probably wasn’t exactly what I was looking for for the big day, I knew it HAD to come home with me.  Everything by Flynn Skye is so feminine & romantic…definitely one of my favorite brands!

Outfit Details: Flynn Skye Dress via Swirl Boutique (call 760-753-0870 to order), Forever 21 Lace-up sandals, Vintage Horn Necklace, Madewell Bracelet